Fill ‘Er up! No, wait! Don’t!

This morning I hiked out to Laurel Falls, and on the drive out to the trailhead I stopped for gas. As usual, I was going to fill the truck up, but as I was pumping gas I thought “No, wait. You’re not going to use a whole tank of gas before you leave here!” So heck, I’m less than a tank of gas away from leaving. I’ve got about half a tank of gas in the truck. No sense selling it with $50 worth of gas in it.

BTW, when I sold the AdventureMobile last year, it had a nearly full gas tank. At 80 gallons to a full tank, that was a couple of hundred dollars. And it’s not like I got more money from the sale because of it.

Anyway… Two weeks to go. Two weeks until I fly out of here, bound for the other side of the world. I’ve just about go the last few details lined up.

I leave early in the morning on Wednesday, October 25. On Monday, the 23rd, some folks will be coming to get all of the furniture and kitchen stuff in the apartment. I decided to just give everything away, rather than deal with the logistics of trying to sell everything, while also needing it all since I’m living here until the last minute. So it is all going to end up going to an international student at ETSU who apparently is living in a mostly empty apartment.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to the local Ford dealer to hopefully come to an agreement for them to buy the truck on Tuesday, the 24th.

The only other final detail left is to sell the washer and dryer. I’m going to try to make that happen on the 23rd as well, so I can leave here with all my laundry clean.

So on the 23rd all the furniture goes and the apartment will be empty. I have a hotel room reserved for two nights starting then.

On the morning of the 24th I do the walk-thru of the apartment with the management company, and they give me all the bullshit reasons why they won’t be returning the full security deposit.

That afternoon, I drop the truck off at the Ford dealer, and take an Uber back to my hotel.

And finally on the 25th, I get an Uber to the airport, and I’m off for the next insane adventure.

5 thoughts on “Fill ‘Er up! No, wait! Don’t!”

  1. I would have ulcers eating a whole through my stomach from stress attempting anything near as extreme as the move you are making. I’m so impressed with your ability to handle such a huge life change with such apparent ease. I wish you the greatest of adventures. Claudia and I will miss you.
    Until we meet again!

    1. There’s plenty of stress. There are days when I can barely function. But once it’s all done, and I’m on the plane and in the air, then it will all be behind me and I’ll relax.

  2. Hi Allen! Welcome to Iloilo. Iloilo Expats Group is looking forward to finally meeting you. I remember my journey to retirement to Iloilo last year. Leaving Philadelphia, PA which has been my home since 1993 was not difficult. I missed the Philippines and yearned to return back for good. And now, looking back I never regretted it one bit. You’ll love it here!

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